Here’s what we’ve been up to!

  1. 23rd October 2020

    We’ve come out of our 2-week cooldown period and are now a couple of weeks into our next development cycle. We’ve been addressing some smaller tasks that were left over from our last cleanup, and some new ones we’ve added since. Enjoy!

    New features

    • Name pronunciation guide

      After seeing a participant squeeze the pronunciation of her name into the display name field we thought this might be handy! Paul talks more about this feature in a series of Tweets.

      Screenshot of participant imports
    • What do you do?

      Wondering who you’re chatting with? Participants now have the option to add a short description of what they do!

      Screenshot of participant imports


    • Fix overflow-hidden issue on post dropdowns
    • Remove ability to post when hidden
    • Improvements to suggested @mentions in replies
    • Add Google Analytics (with IP Anonymisation) to the marketing site
    • Fix images in emails
    • Preserve post formatting when sending it by email
    • Remove Gallery view
    • Better “From” address for emails sent from the hub
  2. 5th October 2020

    So much to log! We’ve been taking a leaf out of Basecamp’s Shape Up development methodology and just finished our first 6-week cycle. We split the time between working on small batch features and entering cleanup mode. We’re still learning as we go, trying to balance transitioning back to a calmer company while still iterating quickly.

    New features

    • Participant imports

      You can now import your participants from other systems or a mailing list, either using copy & paste or a CSV import.

      Screenshot of participant imports
    • Email notifications

      They’re finally here! Participants will now receive an email notification if they are @-mentioned in a hub. Emails will only be sent to participants who are not signed into Vito.

      Screenshot of an @mention email notification
    • @hub announcements

      Collaborators on a hub now have the @hub superpower to message all of their participant. Perfect for important announcements or schedule changes this will also only be sent via email when the participant is not signed into Vito.

      Screenshot of an @hub announcement
    • Invite only hubs by default

      We’ve decided to make newly created hubs private by default. This is more inline with our safety and security principles and means that public access to a hub has to be set explicitly. You can change the access control for a hub under Settings > Access.

      Screenshot of hub access settings
    • Post threading

      You can now reply to posts in a thread! Woo!

      Screenshot of a conversation thread


    • Include a participant’s posts in their profile page
    • Add Intercom support for hub organisers
    • Add link to changelog for hub organisers
    • Allow setting session/segment start and end times explicitly, as well as setting a duration
    • Always link to a Presenter and show the View Profile link
    • Remove the need to “Join the Community” when joining a hub
    • Give the existing emails a facelift
    • Add ability to add lists in page blocks with an icon
    • Hide progress bar on livestream
    • Add pronoun badges to post
    • Add a mini bio to the participant dropdown on a post
    • Increase the size of the code of conduct, welcome message and invitation message fields and allow them to be resizable
    • Dynamically autosize the post box when more is typed
    • Allow manual sorting of presenters
    • And the usual flurry of bug fixes and performance improvements
  3. 12th August 2020

    It's been a while since our last update, but what a bumper update it is! We've added a ton of improvements and new features over the last month…


    • Dates on a hub are now optional so you can create an ongoing community hub
    • You can now set a pre-recorded video to go live at a specific date and time
    • Added in-app notifications for follows and mentions
    • Added ability for hub owners to lock or disable discussions per page or across an entire hub
    • Following is now across Vito rather than just within a single hub
    • Theatre Mode is now more usable
    • A whole bunch of infrastructure tweaks and admin UI improvements
    • Fixed a bug which caused some email clients to pre-click and invalidate the links
    • Fixed a bug where hub schedule wasn't showing correctly on mobile
  4. 1st July 2020

    After a couple of months working away on chunky projects behind the scenes, we're excited to have shipped some high-priority features this week.

    New features

    • Dynamic pages

      In the Vito back-end you can now preview your hub and add content in-line. You can create and edit pages and sessions, and as soon as you click "Publish", your changes will be visible in the hub without your participants needing to refresh!

      So if a session is overrunning and you need to change the time, or you need to add a page with some useful content in the middle of an event, you can do it in the Dynamic Pages view and preview how it'll look, and then publish when you're happy. Your participants will see the changes immediately, without needing to interrupt your content.


    • Added a new suite of safety/moderation tools including banning, in-app reporting, restricting the ability to post, and removing posts
    • Added Dynamic Pages allowing you to create and preview custom content pages in the Admin UI and publish so that they appear instantly in participant hub
    • Added support for playing pre-recorded videos within a hub and creating a playlist. Choose whether to have your hub be only pre-recorded content, only livestream, or a mix of the two!
    • Added the ability to favorite a post
    • Added support for adding banners and teaser videos to the public page
    • Added initial support for hub templates: choose “simple” to start from scratch or “event” to populate some sensible default pages
    • Switched to a new server stack
    • Bug fixes
    • Had two pre-launch customer events run on Vito:
      • SofaConf: a 5-day design conference from the folks at Clearleft.
      • Introduction to Being an Antiracist: 3 hours of antiracist training from Kim Crayton. Over 1,200 tickets sold and 650+ watched the livestream and participated on the day. The hub is now being used to sell access to the recorded feed in preparation for her next two events.
  5. 26th May 2020

    We've been doing lots of behind the scenes work lately, so there's not as much to show from a user perspective. But exciting things are coming…


    • Shipped a chunky back-end project to migrate to hubs model
    • Made progress on Dynamic Pages (this will be big!), mentions and favorites features
    • More dogfooding of Vito, using it to run our Admission Online event series
    • A bunch more bug fixes
    • One of the first customer events took place on Vito:
      • HalfStack Online: Epic 16-hour conference run by long-time Tito customer Dylan Schiemann. A superb achievement with excellent feedback from Dylan and his participants.
  6. 6th May 2020

    The last week has mainly consisted of big picture planning and work on our move to hubs, plus a healthy dose of dogfooding and documenting.

    New features

    • Hubs

      We're adding the ability to create hubs in Vito. Formerly known internally as the "attendee area" or "participant area", a hub is a single interface containing a media player, agenda, discussion panel, directory, pages, Code of Conduct and user settings.

      You could create a hub for an event, but a hub doesn't have to be date specific, so could also be used to host communities, regular meet-ups, ad-hoc livestreams, or collections of content. We're pretty excited about the potential opportunities this opens up!


    • Running some small-scale internal events on Vito for user testing
    • Put together a comprehensive publicly available Playbook for Livestreaming on Vito
    • Added the ability to download Order and Participant data from a hub
    • Various bug fixes
  7. 29th April 2020

    As well as shipping a bunch of smaller features and improvements, we're working on a reframing and renaming exercise to move towards a "hub" model. More on that in the next update…

    New features

    • Pages

      Pages is a light-weight CMS feature that allows you to add custom content to the participant area in Vito. Use it to add an about page, a list of useful resources, or whatever your event needs!


    • The agenda in the participant area now auto scrolls to whichever session is currently live
    • Added the ability to set an external live captioning link
    • Participants can now mute one another
    • The invite email now contains an .ics calendar file
    • Redesigned the public page (example)
    • Reorganized organizer admin navigation
    • Added a metrics and graph for seeing number of views during a livestream
    • Timezone improvements
    • Performance improvements to the participant area
    • Fix non-retina avatars and logos
    • The usual flurry of bug fixes and design tweaks
    • Ran our second Admission Online event on Vito
  8. 22th April 2020

    The first customer event ran on Vito this week with ~2,300 participants! Paul's also been running his own events, plus we've delivered a host of improvements. Time to start keeping a public log…


    • Added paid registration for participants and screens in the admin UI to manage orders
    • Improved how participant invites sent from the Vito admin UI
    • Automated reminder emails can now be sent 30 minutes before an event starts
    • Added the ability to shut off community posting
    • Added some basic moderation for posts
    • Shipped the ability to generate one-off discount codes
    • Performance monitoring
    • A whole load of bug fixes and design tweaks

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