A home for your events

Vito provides clean, easy-to-use hubs to give your attendees access to
livestreams, recordings, discussions, announcements, and schedules.

Simple, secure & safe. From the folks behind Tito.

You’ll be in great company

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A single hub for your attendees

Create an intimate participant-only hub where folks can get everything they need for your event. Invite your attendees as soon as they register: no more on-the-day links. Whether your event is online, hybrid, or in-person, a Vito hub is a single place to get oriented, see what’s on, and to go back to after the show to rewatch and relive the show.

“I wasn’t going to do anything online until I found Vito.”

Schedule in Vito

Sell before, during, and after your event

Before your event even starts, you can start posting content to your hub: articles, videos, information, links. Sell instant online-only access directly to your hub, before and during your show. Afterwards, your hub becomes an archive and you can continue to sell access.

Sell access

Flexibility built in

Events are better with a Vito hub

Provide your attendees with peace of mind with a single space to access logistics, sponsor info, livestreams and more.

Simple access

Use our built in registration, or import from an external system.

Your content, your way

Add pages to your hub to provide context and content to your attendees.

Livestreaming & on-demand

Stream your show live, or provide pre-recorded videos for async viewing.

Build community

Live messaging allows participants to chat throughout the hub.

Safety: built in.

Code of conduct, moderation, reporting, invisible-by-default, pronouns: Vito is designed with participant safety at top-of-mind.

Rich content

Add context to your live sessions with cards: add speakers, sponsors, topics, jobs & more.

People like Vito

Simple, secure, safe, easy and flexible. That’s what brings folks back to Vito.

    • A quick note of thanks now that our first Vito event has wrapped. The platform was flawless and really added to the proceedings.

      Breon Timmons
    • With Vito, we’re reaching new audiences and the event is becoming even more diverse and inclusive. Attendees are loving it. The possibilities do really seem endless!

      Sunny Leggett & Shyloh Brown
    • To know that Vito is a platform that can not only accommodate a thousand participants, but also prioritizes safety? That right there is huge!

    • We had roughly one week to learn how to use Vito and set up our 17 hours of livestream content, and it just went as flawlessly as we could have hoped.

      Dylan Schiemann
    • Everything worked beautifully on Vito!

      Conor O'Neill
    • A platform for large-scale events where you want participants to share knowledge and experience in a safe environment. Very user-friendly for the organiser.

      Awa Ndiaye

Pricing that works with you

Vito pricing is designed to be affordable to get started, and to scale with you as you grow.