How it Works

Vito gives you a set of powerful tools for creating an online hub, adding content, and sharing that content with visitors and participants.

Create a hub

A Vito hub provides everything your participants need in one easy-to-navigate space: video, live-updating schedule, discussions, pages and Code of Conduct. It’s quick and easy for you to add sessions, speakers, sponsors, offers and custom content.

Add your team

You control who has access to the Vito hub admin area. Invite unlimited collaborators and they’ll be able to add content, manage participants and moderate the hub.

Sell access or invite your attendees

Vito’s in-built checkout is powered by Stripe, so you can sell access and let attendees into your hub right away. Using another platform for registration? Simply import everyone into your hub and Vito will instantly send each person a unique access link.

Bring in a livestream… or don’t

Pair Vito with any streaming software, such as free-to-use OBS Studio, and broadcast a livestream right inside your hub (see our how-to guide). Don’t fancy livestreaming? Upload your videos and schedule them to become playable at a future time, instead.

Host conversations

Text-based discussions are built right into Vito with threads, faves and follows. Organizers can create individual discussion pages for different topics to keep the conversation focussed. Attendees control their own visibility in the hub, and are private by default.

Make attendees feel welcome and safe

Vito features a carefully-designed suite of safety and moderation tools. Participants must accept the Code of Conduct as part of the onboarding process. Violations can be reported in-app. Organizers can lock or disable the discussion hub-wide any time, and restrict or block individual users.

Add value after the event

Upload the videos to your Vito hub and your attendees will be able to come back any time and rewatch them, or catch up on anything they missed. You can even continue to sell access to the hub after the date of your event!