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Use Vito to bring folx together. Create a hub.
Invite your people. Share videos, livestreams, pages and conversations. Even get paid.

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“With Vito, we’re reaching new audiences and the event is becoming even more diverse and inclusive. Attendees are loving it. The possibilities do really seem endless!”

Breathe life into your online events

A Vito hub provides a space to hang out ahead of your live event, a great place to experience the show, and a home to re-live it afterwards.

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  • Foster a sense of community amongst your participants
  • Build excitement by releasing teaser content
  • Encourage discussion, questions and feedback

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  • Hubs update in realtime without interrupting playback
  • A perfect companion for in-person events
  • Ensure safety with a code of conduct

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  • Continue to sell access to recordings
  • Allow folks to continue the discussion and stay in touch
  • The missing post-event website that you always wished for

“To know that Vito is a platform that can not only accommodate a thousand participants, but also prioritises safety? That right there is huge!”

Hub showcase

Get a taste for Vito in action by seeing what some of our early customers are doing on the platform.

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Browse the showcase
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Our weekly product tour: Here’s Vito

Get a preview of Vito in action, ask questions, and learn how to use Vito to host delightful online experiences.

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Features that you and your participants will love

A place to share streams and recordings

Vito gives you a secure place to upload video recordings, or livestream to your participants. Before your show, you can upload teaser content, schedule pre-recorded video premieres, and encourage discussion, questions, and introductions among your participants. Livestream using your favourite livestreaming tool.

A live-updating schedule

Vito becomes the best and simplest place to keep your participants up to date with your schedule. Build out a robust schedule, and watch it update live as your event unfolds. Need to make changes? Just change the length or times of a previous segment and everything else moves too. All without refreshing the browser.

A safe, privacy-first community

Vito’s community tools are short-messaging based rather than chat based. This gives your participants the opportunity to follow the people they want and filter out those they don’t know. Every hub has a code of conduct enabled by default, and moderation tools keep you in control.

Integrated paid access and invitations

We’ve partnered with Stripe to include fast, friction-free checkout and instant hub access. You can also import participants from CSV. Access links are just one-click.

“We had roughly one week to learn how to use Vito and set up our 17 hours of livestream content, and it just went as flawlessly as we could have hoped.”

See Vito in action

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Join the Vito Showroom

The Showroom is a demo hub that shows Vito using Vito. It’s free to join, and it’s as good a product demo that we can think of to show you Vito… using Vito!

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Vito makes it easy to share your Content, control Access, and facilitate your Community. We’re building with those key pillars, and as we build we’re aiming to weave in the common strands of Privacy & Security, Accessibility and eCommerce.

Vito is developed by Team Tito Limited. Team Tito’s values are Integrity, Excellence and Delight. Apart from their broad definitions, integrity for us is minimising the potential for harm caused by what we build, excellence is ensuring we build intentionally and that what we build matches those intentions and delight is providing value where it isn’t expected.

We’re committed to our principles and we want our products to be a force for good in the world.

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