Vue School: Large-scale community events for developers

Everything was very smooth 👏💪

— Alex Kyriakidis, Founder of Vue School

Customer spotlight

What makes Vito special

Vue School's original plan had been to develop their own conference platform because nothing they'd found had met their needs. They were thrilled to discover that not only could Vito easily handle all their requirements, but it was also built on Vue! This gave them the headspace to focus on delivering each event without worrying about the technology behind it. Their first event on the platform saw over 8,000 people participate in the hub, sharing over 5,000 posts.

Image description: Overview showing 8,484 participants and 5,507 posts on the Vue.js Nation hub

Want to do the same?

To start setting up your own Vito hubs, sign up here. Check out our documentation or drop us a line at for answers and advice.