HalfStack: Global and online JavaScript events

Vito is the first tool that I’ve seen that captures all of the most important things you’d want for organizing an online event in a super streamlined and easy to use experience.

— Dylan Schiemann, Founder of HalfStack

Customer spotlight

What makes Vito special

HalfStack's top priority was to capture the community feel that their event series is known for, while bringing it online and making it accessible to all. They were instantly drawn to Vito's unified interface for displaying the stream and agenda while facilitating real-time conversation. Their first event on the platform ran for 17 hours, and a portion of their audience stayed the entire time!

Image description: Line graph of online participants during the 17 hour livestream

Want to do the same?

To start setting up your own Vito hubs, sign up here. Check out our documentation or drop us a line at for answers and advice.