Ethical Design Network: Monthly meetups for digital professionals

Ethically designed products like are hard to find because you don’t flash your goodness! There really is a growing desire and need for ethically designed products out there.

— Trine Falbe, Founder of Ethical Design Network

Customer spotlight

What makes Vito special

EDN and Vito connected over our shared value of striving to ensure that our actions do not cause harm. Our ethical approach to building the platform resonated with the organizers' objectives for the community they were looking to build. To create a seamless experience, they make use of Vito's built-in registration flow and scheduling features, and host the recordings on Vito for folks to catch up any time.

Want to do the same?

To start setting up your own Vito hubs, sign up here. Check out our documentation or drop us a line at for answers and advice.