Admission: Building a community of event organizers

The internet is a mess, but we want Vito to be a little corner of the internet that isn’t.

— Paul Campbell, CEO of Team Tito

Customer spotlight

What makes Vito special

Admission started as an in-person conference in Chicago in 2018. Two years later, we revived it on our newly developed platform, Vito, bringing in an audience of 700 people across three initial shows. This gave us invaluable first-hand experience of how Vito works for event organizers, and laid the foundations for how we approached building the product going forward.

For us, Vito has always needed to be fast, flexible, easy to use, networked across events, and give participants total control over what they share. Through running our Admission series (as well as other regular and one-off events), we have had ongoing opportunities to test how this works in practice, and iterate on the platform to make Vito match the vision we have for it.

Want to try it for yourself?

To start setting up your own Vito hubs, sign up here. Check out our documentation or drop us a line at for answers and advice.