Vito, by Tito.

Vito is a new platform from the team behind Tito. Organizers can create Vito hubs, invite folks, publish live-streams, videos and other content. You can add discussions around anything to foster communities. Oh, and you can sell access. 💸

Stripe is integrated for payments. You can add collaborators and participants. Code of conduct? Moderation tools? Private-by-default? Built right in. And everything persists: as soon as folks join, they have access, and conversations and recordings stick around indefinitely.

Backed by solid principles.

Security is Priority #1

Traditional online-gathering tools can compromise security in exchange for engagement. Attendee directories are unprotected by default and open to abuse.

Vito is optimised for the most vulnerable and will be designed from the outset to provide a safe space for everyone.

Content is crucial

Great organizers know that folks stay for the community, but they come for the content.

Vito will put content front and centre, and provide a single place where participants can securely sign-in, get oriented, and watch your show.

Community is everything

Community is the reason we’re in this game in the first place. It’s the people, right?

Taking what we've learned from years of going to conferences and working with conference organizers, Vito allows participants to share, connect and discuss.

We’re building with integrity, excellence, and delight.

Interested? Request an invite.

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