Update the schedule

Like in-person events, your online event may experience the odd delay or session that unexpectedly overruns. If this does happen, it's quick and easy to update the schedule in Vito, and any changes you publish will appear in real-time so participants will always see the most up-to-date information.

Link your schedule to the livestream

If you haven't already, first make sure you set the livestream channel for your event.

Image description: Screenshot of the event menu in the hub.

This ensures that the current session displays underneath the livestream, so members of your hub don't need to visit the schedule page specifically.

Rearranging sessions

Sometimes, you need to bump a session or bring someone else forward. Perhaps a speaker has temporarily gone AWOL or is having a technical hitch on their end. No problem — you can simply drag and drop items in the schedule to change the order, and all the timings will update automatically.

You’ll feel particularly smug relieved if you’ve managed to convince some of your speakers to provide a pre-recorded video of their talk, as it’ll be straightforward enough for you or the streaming engineer to bring their clip forward in the running order. If all of the talks will be live, you can still have a few videos cued up to roll in case of emergency, whether it’s a recap of last year’s event or simply a holding screen with some calming music and a reassuring message. It’s kinder on your emcee than asking them to improvise to camera for an indefinite period of time!

Adjusting session duration

Rather than requiring you to enter start and end times for individual sessions, Vito makes this calculation automatically based on the event start time and the duration of each session. So if you have a series of 60-minute talks set to start at 9am, 10am, and so on, but the first one overruns by 10 minutes, you can simply change its duration to 70 minutes and the timings of all subsequent sessions will immediately be adjusted accordingly. Don't forget to publish for the changes to display to your participants.

🎬 Watch this tutorial to learn how to set up an event and edit it on the fly.