Speakers & sponsors

Showcase speakers, sponsors, offers, topics and any custom content in your hub using Cards in Vito.

Mini lesson #1: Announcing speakers & sponsors

In addition to being embeddable on pages, Cards can be attached to posts in the discussion feed. Keep your participants informed about new additions to the line-up, thank headline sponsors, and even share details of specific offers. When drafting your message, simply click the paperclip icon to choose (or create) the relevant Cards to attach.

You can even send as an announcement direct to folks' email inboxes.

Mini lesson #2: Adding speakers & sponsors to sessions

You can attach Cards to individual sessions in the schedule to display associated speaker, sponsor, topic, audience and more.

Enable Edit mode and click on the kebab menu (⁝) on each session, then select "Choose cards".

Mini lesson #3: Differentiating sponsors

You can create different Card types for filtering content and easily displaying it in blocks on any page. So why not create different types for your event's various levels of sponsorship package?