Our core values

Team Tito strives to create delightful experiences and to enrich people's lives with what we build and how we build. We want to be a force for good, and ultimately to inspire these values in our peers and our customers.

Our core values: Integrity, Excellence & Delight

Aside from the everyday definitions these values represent, we’ve highlighted our own definitions: Integrity as minimising harm, Excellence as being intentional and Delight as providing unexpected value.

We’ve taken to doing everything through these values: building our product, working together as a team, hiring contractors, putting together policies, and growing the company.

Here at Tito we have become very familiar with asking the question “Does this align with our core values?”. It’s a simple, quick test that, at the micro-level at least, creates what every business needs: alignment.

Having explicit, well-defined values leads to a situation where there are fewer surprises if the response to certain actions is criticism.

Conversely, and more importantly, it leads to a constant reinforcement of the right actions. Folks have an objective lens with which to evaluate their own work.

From Putting Core Values into Action by Paul Campbell, Co-founder & CEO.

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