Mix live with pre-recorded

As the previous chapter highlighted, online events don't have the same constraints as in-person ones. There's a lot you can achieve with video that can't easily be achieved on stage.

Advantages of pre-recorded

If you can encourage some or all of your speakers to pre-record their talk, it'll improve your event on a number of counts:

🎬 To get inspired about the creative possibilities of pre-recorded video, watch this incredible session from Jessie Char at our first online event on Vito in March 2020.

📖 Read this article for practical tips on filming professional-looking video at home.

Why you should also bring in live elements

For the very best results, though, we find it works well for some parts of your event to still be live. This allows you to connect with your audience and feed off the energy and discussions in the hub. Segments which are well-suited to this format include:

Broadcasting an in-person event

If you're running an in-person event, minimal additional effort is required to stream it to a Vito hub, where a wider audience can participate. In the next chapter, we'll talk about working with a streaming partner to help alleviate any technical concerns you may have.

It may seem like a bit of work to combine live and pre-recorded elements, but it definitely makes for an engaging and memorable online event experience. And we promise it's less hectic than running all over a venue trying to manage all the unpredictable elements of a physical event!