Leave the hub open

You've brought together a group of likeminded people who have all shared a memorable experience together. It would be a wasted opportunity not to build from there.

Your monthly subscription to Vito enables you to keep hubs open indefinitely, meaning you can foster a community that lasts far longer than just the day(s) of the event.

Keep in touch

Here's a handful of ideas for ways to stay connected with your hub members, both in the immediate aftermath of the event, and over the longer term:

Daily digest emails

By default, you and your participants will receive a daily digest email every 24 hours summarizing any activity that has taken place in each hub they're a member of. So if anyone comes back to post in the discussion feed, you'll be notified. Likewise, participants will be notified of any new messages you share. If you'd like your post to be seen right away (for instance if you're about to go live on stream) you can always send it as an announcement to people's email inboxes.

Thank you

That brings us to the end of this playbook. Whether you've dipped in and out for specific chapters or read the whole thing "cover to cover", thank you! We hope you've got a lot out of it and that it in some small way helps you to pull off a memorable online event — be it on Vito, or any other platform.

Incidentally, if you're thinking of branching out from events, perhaps into video or long-form content creation, Vito is a great option for that too! But that's a topic for another guide…