Give folks early access

It's up to you when you let participants into your hub, but if you want our advice…

the earlier the better!

Benefits to early access

Ready doesn't need to mean "finished"

Don't worry about everything being perfect. Hubs are living spaces that can and should evolve over time. If there's content you're not ready for folks to see yet, you can set it to "Collaborator only" for now. Unlike letting people into a venue early, in a hub you can carry on setting things up and no-one will be any the wiser until you publish. 😉

Decide how you'll let people in

You have three methods for getting participants into your hub:

To help you decide which option is best for your event, let's look at each one in turn:

— Vito's built-in registration

This is the quickest and most seamless option. Simply connect Vito to your Stripe account (if you'll be charging for access), enable the public page, and set your price and currency. To register, folks need to enter their email address, pay, and they'll instantly receive an email with a unique link to access the hub. That's it!

— Tito integration

If you have more complex registration requirements (multiple ticket types, custom questions, etc.), you can connect to Tito — our dedicated ticketing platform. This means when an attendee registers in Tito, webhook magic happens behind the scenes to let Vito know to instantly send an access link via email.

In this case, as attendees will be interacting with two different platforms, it's a good idea to prime them to expect an email from Vito by adding a custom message to the Tito ticket.

— CSV import

Finally, if you're handling registration using a different platform or you prefer to give everyone access in one go, you can use the CSV import option. Once you confirm and send, everyone on the list will receive their access link immediately.

However you let people in to the hub, there's no need to wait until the last minute. The sooner your hub starts filling up, the sooner the fun can begin!