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What is Vito? 🤷‍♀️

A platform to create live, flexible, online hubs. Easily share content, livestreams, videos and more with your group, community, or event audience. Lovingly created by the folks at Team Tito.

Can I use Vito right now? 🙏🏽

Yes! We've recently opened up public access, so sign up here to get started.

How much does Vito cost? 💶

Check out details of our subscription plans.

Can I sell access via Vito? 🔓

You can! Vito has a built-in checkout powered by Stripe.

Can I use my own ticket-selling platform with Vito? 🎟

Sure thing. You can integrate with our ticketing platform, Tito. Or you can sell access using any platform you like and import a CSV into Vito later.

How do I livestream to Vito? 📽

At the moment, you can broadcast to Vito using livestreaming software like OBS Studio, which is free and open source. Vito accepts video over a protocol called RTMP, so you can also integrate with Zoom, Skype and other web-calling platforms. Multi-streaming is supported.

Are hubs time-limited? ⏱

No! You can use them to host ongoing communities, or give your event a longer life by building engagement ahead of time and keeping in touch with participants afterwards.

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