A new widget for listing all your events

"Does your widget have a way to list all events, rather than tickets per event?"

8 years and 3 days ago someone asked us that. “Unfortunately not” was the answer but today we can say “yes”. It's a bit of a slow turn around but we didn't forget.

Like the main Tito widget which lets people register tickets for your event from your own website, this new widget for listing all your events, requires just a couple of lines to be added to your site to get up running:

<!-- place this in your head tag -->

<script src='https://js.tito.io/v2' async></script>

<!-- Place this where you want the widget to appear -->

<tito-events account="ultimateconf"></tito-events>

That's it.

Note, you can keep some events private and exclude them from this public list if needs be.

Why might you want this <tito-events> widget?

Tito hosts a public page for each account which lists all your events already. Whilst it's possible to customise the appearance of this Tito hosted page, if you want full control over how your events list looks or to keep visitors on your own site then you may want to use the <tito-events> widget on your own site instead.

For more control over appearance/branding:

By embedding the <tito-events> widget on your own site and using some custom CSS you can make sure your events list blends in seamlessly with your own site's appearance/branding.

Save time manually listing events:

Maintaining a list of events on your own website can take time, so for event organisers who are running lots of events the <tito-events> widget might be particularly handy because as you add new events in Tito or update existing event info such as dates/titles/banners/etc. those updates will be automatically reflected on your own site. So you won't have to spend time manually keeping events in Tito and a list of events on your own site in sync.

Feedback welcome.

So if you are interested, give it a go and get in touch at support@tito.io if you have any questions or feedback.