Team Tito

Source tracking in Tito

If you’ve ever hankered for a simple way to identify where registrations to your Tito event have come from, then you’ll appreciate our source tracking feature. Simply, it allows you to create unique links for "sources" that you specify, so that you can track attribution on orders. It’s been available in beta for a while (we used to call it landing pages) but from today it’s accessible to all. You’ll find it in the sidebar of your event dashboard, under Features. Using source tracking does not incur any additional fees.

You can use source tracking to generate unique affiliate links, test the performance of different channels or campaigns, and even A/B test different landing pages on your site or find out which position of CTA button is most effective in attracting sign-ups.

See this help article for step-by-step instructions, but it’s as simple as creating as many sources as you need in your event dashboard, each with a unique reference, and then sharing the respective links via whichever channels you choose. Any orders placed via each link will be attributed to the source specified in the URL. You can see this information in the source tracking section in the dashboard itself, and it’s also included in a column in your orders export. Pretty handy!

And if you’re using our widget, you can also take advantage of source tracking. All you need to do is pass in the source attribute to ensure any orders placed using that specific widget are recorded against the relevant source in your reports, which is super useful if you use dedicated landing pages on your site in different campaigns or across different channels:

<tito-button event="ultimateconf/2013" source="twitter"></tito-button>

So there you have it: a simple little feature that instantly gives you more control over and information about the performance of your marketing efforts. We hope you find it useful and would love to hear how you’re using it. Drop us a comment below (join the hub to see the discussion feed).