No-Code & Automation Meetup

Meetup #6 - In-person

A big thank you to the large contingent of people who attended our first Meetup in MongoDB recently. And thanks also to MongoDB and Joe Drumgoole for hosting. We'll return soon!

For May, we're back upstairs in Huckletree D2 on the 10th and we have two fantastic Irish No-Code startups presenting.

As always, even if you know nothing about low-code/no-code or automation and you just want to hang out with the local tech community in Dublin after two rough years, you are more than welcome to attend.

The first talk is by Kianda:

"No-code enterprise process automation - boundless enterprise digitalisation - From office 365 to SAP with Kianda nocode platform."

In this hands-on session, Osvaldo Sousa, CEO/Co-founder of Kianda, will demonstrate how enterprise digital process automation can be accelerated while leveraging existing enterprise back-end systems while creating common business processes.

The second talk is by Noloco:

"Finding product-market fit in the crowded no-code space"

Co-Founders Simon Curran and Darragh Mc Kay, will talk about their journey to finding product-market fit with Noloco - from getting into YCombinator in Summer '21 to their pivots and learnings along the way.

Noloco is a no-code platform for teams to build web apps from business data in spreadsheets and other software tools.


Pizza and drinks including vegan and non-alcoholic options will of course be available.

Online streaming of the talks will be here on Vito

Please RSVP on so that we don't exceed the capacity of the venue.