In/Visible Talks 2021

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  • 9:05AM – 9:07AM

  • 9:07AM – 9:33AM

    The Age of Consequence Design 
    Stephen Gates - Speaker
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    We can longer find comfort in using words like 'gamification' and 'stickiness' to justify the damage some of the experiences we create are doing to the world. Design ethics applies to all our work, so we will look at three examples that highlight the problem, the steps you can take to improve your ethical design process, and why it needs to be an ongoing investment.

  • 9:33AM – 9:40AM

    Creative Burst: Inspiration from the Everyday
    Tina Touli - Creative Burst
    • Tina Touli - Creative Burst icon

    There is so much inspiration in our surroundings that we tend to ignore while we could creatively implement it in our design processes and outcomes. All we need is to just train our eyes to really “see”. Explore the everyday things from a different angle, another perspective.

  • 9:40AM – 10:06AM

    Making Common: Using Design to Work Towards a More Just Society
    Elaine Lopez - Speaker
    • Elaine Lopez - Speaker icon

    How do we Re:Design design itself? As a bilingual, Cuban-American graphic designer, Elaine Lopez has experienced the industry's inability to understand and communicate to a wide range of demographics firsthand. Through her practice, Elaine creates graphic design experiences that challenge people to expand their worldview by Making Common. How can we use design to make the experiences and cultures of underrepresented communities more common? As an educator, Elaine empowers students to use graphic design as a medium of self-expression to research and communicate their personal experiences and the nuances of their cultural identities. This methodology provides us with an alternative way to use design to work towards a more just society.

  • 10:06AM – 10:13AM

    Creative Burst: Visual Essay
    Debbie Millman - Creative Burst
    • Debbie Millman - Creative Burst icon

    Original visual essay about design and life.

  • 10:13AM – 10:33AM

    Diversity in Design: Cultivating Creativity and Redefining Education with Inneract Project
    Renee Reid - Speaker
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    How can we create true diversity in our industries? A vital early step in the process is cultivating educational and creative professional pathways for underrepresented and underestimated communities. Renee Reid discusses how Inneract Project and its partners empower Black, Latinx, and other youth by providing them with opportunities to explore design in their lives and careers.

  • 10:33AM – 10:40AM

    Creative Burst: Live Music
    Chanelle Ignant - Creative Burst
    • Chanelle Ignant - Creative Burst icon

    Musical performance of Chanelle's new song "A Prayer for 2021"

  • 10:40AM – 11:07AM

    Design is Not Neutral: How to Align Work and Values
    Sara Cantor - Speaker
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    Designers often find themselves in a compromised position: bringing to life a vision that they may not personally believe in. Yet designers have a unique opportunity to take back power. By putting a stake in the ground, Sara Cantor and her team at Greater Good Studio have carved out a niche designing for people-centered social change. In this talk we'll learn from Sara's experience about how to get clear on our purpose and boundaries, and ways to navigate the pitfalls and promises of working with nonprofits to advance equitable and restorative programs and services.

  • 11:07AM – 11:16AM

    Creative Burst: "[Closer Captions]"
    Christine Sun Kim - Creative Burst
    • Christine Sun Kim - Creative Burst icon

    Christine Sun Kim thinks about closed captions a lot. And she let us in on a not-so-well-kept secret: they suck. In "[Closer Captions]," Christine shows us what closed captions could be, in a new story featuring original footage she captured and captioned herself. Produced by Pop-Up Magazine for their Fall 2020 Issue.

  • 11:16AM – 11:46AM

    Design the Invisible
    Bruce Mau - Speaker
    • Bruce Mau - Speaker icon

    In the 20th century, Artist Marcel Duchamp liberated art from the tyranny of the eye. He said, “I was interested in ideas—not merely in visual products.” Duchamp won freedom from the limitations of what he called “retinal” art and imagined that art could be “in service to the mind”. It’s time to do the same for design, to imagine design beyond the limitations of the visual.

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  • 11:46AM – 11:52AM

    Creative Burst: Design Matters Artist Series: Lawrence Weiner film by Hillman Curtis
    Debbie Millman - Creative Burst
    • Debbie Millman - Creative Burst icon

    A short film by Debbie Millman of Design Matters and filmmaker Hillman Curtis, created with conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner.

  • 11:52AM – 12:22PM

    #AuthenticAF: The New Design Hashtag in a Post Covid World
    Fri Forjindam- Speaker
    • Fri Forjindam- Speaker icon

    What paradigm shifts from the global pandemic can teach us about the future of experiences in a post-covid world? Saying goodbye to the status quo of yesterday isn't just a talking point, but a mandate. How all of our unique experiences can lead us to bolder more resonant outcomes has become the new blueprint for innovation? And it starts with Authenticity.

  • 12:22PM – 12:27PM


  • Stephen Gates - Speaker

    Stephen is a global design leader who specializes in building world-class organizations that integrate human-centered design to drive product and service innovation. He is the Head Design Evangelist at InVision where he works as a strategic partner to elevate the business impact of design through education, coaching, and thought leadership with some of the world’s biggest brands. He previously worked at McCann Erickson, Citi and Starwood Hotels building teams that created award-winning global advertising campaigns, multiple Fortune 100 brands, and innovative digital experiences. His work has received over 150 international awards, his app design has been named as one of the World’s 100 Greatest Apps, HOW Magazine named him one of the most talented and influential creatives working today, Apple has featured his work in 10 keynotes and more. He shares what he has learned through his speaking engagements and The Crazy One podcast which is an in-depth exploration of issues that matter to creatives including leadership, creativity, career development, innovation and more.

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  • Tina Touli - Creative Burst

    Tina Touli is a creative director, graphic communication designer, maker, speaker and educator. She currently runs her own London based multidisciplinary studio, and teaches at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. She works in a great variety of design fields, including print and digital design, with different clients, such as Adobe, Dell, HP, Ciroc Vodka, Fiorucci, Tate, Converse, Kappa and Movement Festival. She had the honour to be selected by Print Magazine as one of the 15 best young designers in the world, aged under 30 (2017). Her work has been featured in Communication Arts magazine, Computer Arts magazine, Digital Arts magazine and Creative Review blog among others and design publications such as “Design{h}ers” by Viction:ary. She has been invited to present her work in various events and conferences all over the world, as for example at the Adobe MAX, the FITC Amsterdam and the Bump Festival.

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  • Elaine Lopez - Speaker

    Elaine Lopez is a Cuban-American designer, researcher, artist, and educator whose work explores the intersection of cultural identity, equity, and diversity within the field of design. She currently teaches graphic design at the Maryland Institute College of Art as a recipient of the AICAD Postgraduate Teaching Fellowship.

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  • Debbie Millman - Creative Burst

    Debbie Millman is host of the award-winning podcast Design Matters, the world’s first podcast on design; Chair of the first ever Masters in Branding Program at the School of Visual Arts, Editorial Director of, and the author of six books on design and branding. She has worked on the design and strategy of over 200 of the world’s largest brands.

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  • Renee Reid - Speaker

    Renee is a Staff UX Design Researcher with over 20 years of professional experience in various roles including Project Management, Customer Experience, Sales and User Experience. Currently at LinkedIn, Renee has worked on Search, Trust & Privacy and Identity teams as well lead LinkedIn’s Employee Resource Group (ERG), the Black Inclusion Group (BIG) at the company’s headquarter campus in Silicon Valley.

    A sought-after dynamic speaker, Renee’s passions include being a voice and activist for Black & BIPOC women & introducing underrepresented groups to tech & the UX industry. When she is not conducting research, you can find her; mentoring & inspiring students & UX professionals, catch her on her podcast; Tech Wrap Queen, as well as teaching headwrap classes and volunteering her time as a Board Member with 2 non-profits, Opportunity Junction and Inneract Project.

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  • Chanelle Ignant - Creative Burst

    Chanelle Ignant is an Oakland based musician and educator who uses guitar loops to create sonic textures and rhythms that occasionally make people dance. When not writing her own music, she plays guitar in numerous bands and supports emerging audio professionals at Women’s Audio Mission in San Francisco.

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  • Sara Cantor - Speaker

    Sara Cantor is a creative leader and human-centered designer focused on equity, inclusion and social innovation. After seven years using human-centered design to create new markets for corporate clients, she co-founded Greater Good Studio in 2011 to apply the process and principles of design to the more pressing challenges of the social sector. Her team of “pissed-off optimists” has helped nonprofits, foundations, and government agencies to build internal capacity for social innovation, create and prototype new programs and services, and sustain and scale their impact.

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  • Christine Sun Kim - Creative Burst

    Christine Sun Kim thinks about closed captions a lot. And she let us in on a not-so-well-kept secret: they suck. In "[Closer Captions]," Christine shows us what closed captions could be, in a new story featuring original footage she captured and captioned herself. Produced by Pop-Up Magazine for their Fall 2020 Issue.

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  • Fri Forjindam- Speaker

    Over the course of her career, Fri Forjindam has earned a formidable reputation as a trail blazing themed entertainment executive, change agent and a 2018 & 2020 recipient of the “Top 50 Theme Park Influencer” distinction by Blooloop and featured in Fast Company’s Women in Design series. With 13+ years of experience that spans multiple industries including Theatre, Fashion, Themed Entertainment, Experiential Storytelling, Forjindam is uniquely qualified for her current role as the Co-Owner and Chief Development Officer at Mycotoo, Inc., a global leader in themed entertainment, live events and immersive brand experiences. Voted “Top Media” company by Inc. 500, Mycotoo operates in North America and Europe, with successful projects worldwide including studio theme parks (Motiongate and Bollywood Parks) and award-winning brand experiences (HBO’s SxSWestworld for which Mycotoo was awarded top prizes for Clio and Cannes Lions Gold; HBO’s Bleed For The Throne; and Netflix’s The Irishman Little Italy Takeover). Forjindam has collaborated as a Creative Director for a variety of global attractions including Bollywood Parks (Dubai) and Prince’s Paisley Park Experience (Minneapolis); as Producer on T-Mobile HTC’s North American corporate tours and many more. In her current role, Forjindam focuses on driving business development, branding and communications across Mycotoo’s growing global network.

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  • Bruce Mau - Speaker

    Bruce Mau is an author, designer, artist and educator who is globally recognized for his leadership. He founded Bruce Mau Studio in 2020 to focus on life-centered design and global collaboration with clients across a broad spectrum of human and business activities. His most recent book, MAU: MC24 distills his 30 years of experience into 24 principles for designing massive change in your life and work. He is also co-founder of Massive Change Network, and Chief Design Officer for Freeman.

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    **At the request of the speaker we are not able to share the recording of this talk. To see Bruce's past talks, please visit

  • *Dava Guthmiller - Host

    Dava Guthmiller is the Founder & Chief Creative Officer at Noise 13, a brand strategy and design agency based in San Francisco. With a highly collaborative approach, Noise 13 builds brand systems to connect with consumers’ lifestyles. Dava uses over 20 year experience to connect your bigger business vision to brand experience and growth. Recent clients include Instacart, Twilio, Spare The Air, Rocca Wines, H2O+ Beauty, New Age Meats, and Wine Country Botanicals.

    Dava is also an advisor, mentor, speaker, moderator, artist and investor. She also sits on the advisory boards for Good People, Good Food Foundation, and the Visual Media Alliance. She is also part of the REGEN1 team building tools and big picture plans for a regenerative food system. Dava and Noise 13 have been featured in publications such as Forbes, The Dieline, Print Mag, and Creative Boom.

  • *Arianna Orland - Host

    Arianna is a creative director, advisor, artist and investor with over 20 years experience working for startups and Fortune 500 companies leading brand, marketing, and product work. Her recent client list includes Twitter, Lyft, and Instacart. Previously Arianna spent several years in New York City where she led the web design practice for Hillman Curtis and worked with well-known artistic and cultural institutions such as David Byrne and SVA (School of Visual Arts).

    Currently, Arianna proudly serves as Board President of Creativity Explored, a San Francisco based non profit that gives artists with developmental disabilities the means to create and share their work. Arianna frequently writes on the subject of creativity and her work has been featured in such prestigious publications such as Co.Design, 99u, and Forbes.