Glug Birmingham – Collectors Edition Part I

A carefully curated bunch of rising international stars and industry heavyweights discussing unique motivations, experiences and outlooks.

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  • 7:00PM – 8:10PM

    Assembled here is an amazing line-up of SEVEN lovely speakers who know more than a thing or two about this subject.

    This carefully curated bunch of rising international stars and industry heavyweights will speak on their unique motivations, experiences and outlooks.

  • 8:15PM – 8:45PM

    Live Q & A with speakers

    After the talks in typical Glug style there'll be a live Q&A, which is your opportunity to be part of the conversation and dig even deeper into the collectors psyche!

    So get comfy, grab a drink (pretend its DDC) and be sure to say hi in the comments.

  • 7:00PM – 8:10PM

    Glug Birmingham Collectors Edition Part I – Video
  • 8:15PM – 8:52PM

    Glug Live Q & A.mp4


  • Anthony Burrill

    Anthony combines a knack for simplicity that packs a punch with analogue craft skills and powerful, positive messages. Burrill frequently collaborates with other forward-thinking creatives across disciplines spanning music, architecture, curation, education and more; pushing his traditional discipline of choice, letterpress printing, into bold new territories. Words, gentle humour, no-nonsense communication and people are at the heart of Burrill’s practice and his distinctive brand of upbeat messaging: its core DNA is one created through a longstanding passion for creativity without limitations, the power of simplicity and an innate curiosity about the world and people in it.

  • Jane McDevitt

    Jane started her career in museums and worked as a web designer on the Science Museum Group web team for six years spending most of her time at the National Railway Museum, York and National Media Museum in Bradford. In 2003 she set up Maraid Design, specialising in education, heritage, cultural and not-for-profit projects and advocating for accessible websites. She likes to work with like-minded organisations whose activities have a positive impact on society. In recent years she has co-organised the Glasgow Print Fair – a nice break from digital and lovely way to be involved in creative paper fun with interesting and talented people. In her spare time she couldn’t be happier than when exploring the highlands and islands on a sunny midge free day.

  • Hugh Miller

    Hugh spent time working at renowned studio SPIN on projects such as the Whitechapel and Haunch of Venison Gallery identity and was embedded into the brand teams of both Nokia and Microsoft. He recently co-founded the London office of international design studio BOND, where under his direction produced award-winning work such as and the 65th Competition campaign and Annual for the Type Directors Club, New York. He now currently works collaboratively on a range of brand and design projects from his home studio in East London.

  • Iancu Barbarasa

    Iancu is a graphic designer and illustrator based in London, UK, born in Transylvania, Romania. He has been designing and drawing for more than fifteen years, working with clients and agencies from all over the world, but also on self initiated projects. Michael Wolff once said that he is an ‘unusual designer with an open mind and a bright brain’ — he’s doing his best to prove him right. When he’s not at his drawing desk, he’s either riding through the forest or looking for new pieces to add to his collection of cycling caps.

  • Pooja Saxena

    Pooja is a typeface designer, letterer, typographer, and occasional design educator from India. Her work is focused on Indic scripts, Devanagari in particular. Pooja studied typeface design at the University of Reading (UK), and works part-time as a designer and font engineer at TypeTogether. Since 2017, she has conducted type walks in Delhi and Bangalore. Pooja is an avid collector of newspapers, stamps, and books, and documents street lettering. A language enthusiast, she is currently learning Punjabi and Spanish. In her spare time, Pooja cooks, reads, draws, and attends to her plants.

  • Richard Baird

    Richard has fifteen years experience in brand identity design and design for print. He's worked in the Czech Republic and the UAE, and, from his studio space in London, has worked with a variety of creative clients and architects from around the world. Alongside design practice, Richard has dedicated eleven years to writing about graphic design for blogs and magazines. As a publisher, Richard runs BP&O, a website dedicated to the review of brand identity work, and through this also publishes a zine on mid-century logo design called LogoArchive.

  • Elizabeth Goodspeed

    Elizabeth is a Brooklyn-based graphic designer and art director specializing in branding, packaging, and editorial design. In addition to her independent work with clients, she also maintains an ongoing side practice, Casual Archivist, a newsletter and collection of resources focused on off-beat design history and archival ephemera. In the past, she's worked at Pentagram, RoAndCo, and the Whitney Museum of Art in Manhattan. Outside of design, she enjoys going to flea markets and repeatedly trying to learn to rollerblade.