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  • 9:15AM – 9:25AM

    Welcome to Experiencecon 2021 - Judit Radnai Tóth, Laura Tengerdi, György Káli
    György Káli, Judit Radnai Toth, and Laura Tengerdi
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  • 9:25AM – 9:55AM

    Humanising the Customer Experience, by Design - Clare Muscutt
    Clare Muscutt
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  • 9:55AM – 10:20AM

    Why Understanding what customers need is fundamental to business success - Jonathan Mindell
    Jonathan Mindell
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  • 10:20AM – 10:45AM

    Holistic and Humanistic: How an exceptional employee experience can support your business - Perry Timms
    Perry Timms
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  • 11:00AM – 11:25AM

    The future of customer experience - Ian Golding
    Ian Golding
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  • 11:25AM – 11:45AM

    How to get senior leaders to become committed and inspired to customer experience? - Fireside chat: Ian Golding and Laura Tengerdi 
    Laura Tengerdi and Ian Golding
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  • 11:45AM – 12:10PM

    How to use CX be the competitive advantage for your business? - Francis Goh
    Dr Francis Goh
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  • 12:10PM – 12:15PM

    Collaborative Discovery Session Intro - How might we convince senior management to consider customer experience as a strategically important topic?
    Priszcilla Várnagy
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  • 1:00PM – 1:25PM

    The Six Pillars of Customer Experience - David Conway
    David Conway
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  • 1:25PM – 1:50PM

    CX: the power of putting customers at the center of the business - Cecilia Hugony
    Cecilia Hugony
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  • 2:10PM – 2:35PM

    How to connect your VoC data to your Journey Maps and get in depth analytics in real-time - Eytan Hattem
    Eytan Hattem
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  • 2:35PM – 2:55PM

    The building blocks of a customer-centric culture. How to embed customer-centricity in the DNA of your company - Codin Caragea
    Codin Caragea
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  • 2:55PM – 3:15PM

    Customer-centric transformation - Judith van Herwaarden
    Judith van Herwaarden
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  • 3:15PM – 3:40PM

    How NOT to over promise and under-deliver on your CX programme -  Holly Richardson
    Holly Richardson
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  • 3:45PM – 4:00PM

    Get Ready, Get Serious, PLAY! - Sirte Pihlaja
    Sirte Pihlaja
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  • 4:00PM – 4:20PM

    Design Sprint Workshops - Moving from in-person to remote - Mark EJ Garner
    Mark EJ Garner
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  • 4:20PM – 5:00PM

    Business metrics and CX metrics: how they are connected? - PANEL: György Káli, Attila Stampf, Diana Medimorec, Balázs Szabó
    Priszcilla Várnagy , Diana Medimorec, Balázs Szabó, Attila Stampf, and György Káli
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  • 5:10PM – 5:30PM

    Thriving vs. Surviving: How Customer Experience Drives Business Growth - Linda Amraen and Melanie Cihak
    Melanie Cihak and Linda Amraen
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  • 5:30PM – 5:55PM

    Mapping Experiences: Seeing the Unseen - Paul Tolchinsky
    Paul D. Tolchinsky
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  • 2:10PM – 2:35PM

    Solution Focused tools to create meaningful and fulfilling workplaces - Elvira Kalmár
    Elvira Kalmar
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  • 2:35PM – 2:55PM

    The unexpected depth of customer text data: How to improve satisfaction and drive business growth Temenushka Milenkova
    Temenushka Milenkova
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  • 2:55PM – 3:15PM

    CX ROI measurement at Tele2Russia  - Nina Gyubbenet
    Nina Gyubbenet
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  • 3:15PM – 3:35PM

    Neuroscience-powered insights to improve Customer Journeys - Ana Iorga
    Ana Iorga
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  • 3:45PM – 4:00PM

    The most effective tools of employee experience design - Judit Radnai-Toth and Andrea Jurecska
    Andrea Jurecska and Judit Radnai Toth
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  • 4:00PM – 4:20PM

    How to design an agile employee journey Csaba Földházi
    Csaba Földházi
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  • 4:20PM – 5:00PM

    CX maturity in organizations  - PANEL: Ulla Jones, Marzia Arció, Judit Kertész
    Ulla Jones, Marzia Aricó, and Judit Kertész
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