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  • 8:00PM – 8:30PM

    AI As A Service
    Peter Elger
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    Watch as Peter Elger explains how to use serverless techniques on AWS to write your own AI applications!

  • 8:30PM – 9:00PM

    Part 2: AI as a Service 
    Peter Elger
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    Things never go according to plan! We lost connectivity for a minute so the stream got cut in two

  • 8:00PM – 9:00PM

    An Intro To Eleventy
    Luciano Mammino
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    Static site generators and the JAMStack are all the rage right now. After trying several different tools to generate Static Sites, Luciano recently discovered Eleventy and after building a few websites with it he feels like he is in love! In this presentation, Lucciano will try to explain why that is!

  • 9:00PM – 9:10PM

    I'll chat to Luciano and ask him any of the question that you bring up during the session.

  • 1:00PM – 1:34PM

    Kind Engineering
    Evan Smith
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    Software Engineering is an environment that is rife with worrying stereotypes like the "Brilliant Jerk" and the "Peter Principle". How do you be a kind engineer and encourage kindness in engineering? For the last couple years, Evan has been exploring what it means to be a Kind Engineer through books, media and interviews. It's called different things in different circles but ultimately it leads back to one fact: people who give more unconditionally make themselves happier, their teams happier and their companies happier.

    This talk will cover practical tips for becoming a kinder engineer through the following topics: code reviews, psychological safety, giving/receiving feedback and honesty in the workplace.

  • Unscheduled

  • Unscheduled

    Three Easy Improvements in your Microservices Architecture
    Nicolas Frankel
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    While microservices offer better scalability, they actually decrease performance and resiliency. Nicolas Frankel will show 3 areas in which it’s possible to cope with that.


  • James Sugrue

    Your host and organiser of CorkDev!

    CTO at Over-C Techology. AWS Community Builder. Founder of donate:code.

  • Nicolas Frankel

    Developer Advocate with 15+ years experience consulting for many different customers, in a wide range of contexts (such as telecoms, banking, insurances, large retail and public sector). Usually working on Java/Java EE and Spring technologies, but with focused interests like Rich Internet Applications, Testing, CI/CD and DevOps. Currently working for Hazelcast. Also double as a trainer and triples as a book author.

  • Evan Smith

    Permanently-Remote Service Reliability Engineer with a focus on the human side of engineering.

  • Luciano Mammino

    Luciano Mammino wrote his first line of code at the age of 12 on his father's old i386. Since then, he has never stopped coding. He is currently working at FabFitFun as Principal Software Engineer where he is building microservices to serve millions of users every day. Luciano is co-author of Node.js Design Patterns ( and he runs Fullstack Bulletin (, a free weekly newsletter for fullstack developers.

  • Peter Elger

    In my current role as founder and CEO of fourTheorem, my focus is on delivering business value to our clients through the application of cutting edge serverless cloud architectures and machine learning technology.

    My experience covers everything from architecting large-scale distributed software systems, to leading the internationally-based teams that build them.

    My latest book, AI as a Service is currently available through manning publications here: