Admission Online: From Event to Show

How to approach online events like a TV production


  • 8:00PM – 8:05PM

    Welcome from Paul
    Paul Campbell

    An intro from CEO of Tito and Vito, Paul Campbell. Admission Online: From Event to Show will provide ideas and inspiration to help our participants create exciting online experiences that can give live events a run for their money.

  • 8:05PM – 8:15PM

    Video Marketing Tips for Virtual Event Production
    Kristen Bryant

    Kristen will discuss how to produce high quality online events from strategic and practical perspectives as well as production tips for remote event organisers and presenters based on her experiences at Wistia and beyond.

  • 8:15PM – 8:25PM

    Kristen Bryant Q&A with Paul
    Paul Campbell and Kristen Bryant
  • 8:25PM – 8:35PM

    Music from Aoife Scott
    Aoife Scott

    "Homebird" & "All Along the Wild Atlantic Way" written and performed by Aoife and Andy Meany.

    For more details about Aoife's story and work, you can visit

  • 8:35PM – 8:45PM

    Storytelling: Getting to Grips with the New Aesthetic During the Covid-19 Pandemic
    Jan Blake

    As one of the most globally renowned storytellers of our time, Jan will spend her presentation sharing recent evolutions in storytelling in response to the Coronacrisis as well as her own experiences with adapting to new methods.

  • 8:45PM – 8:55PM

    Jan Blake Q&A with Paul
    Jan Blake and Paul Campbell
  • 8:55PM – 9:05PM

    Music from Aoife Scott
    Aoife Scott

    "Another Reason" & "Fuel I Need" written and performed by Aoife Scott and Andy Meaney.

  • 9:05PM – 9:15PM

    Trust Me, I'm a Filmmaker
    Kilian Waters

    Based on experiences throughout his prestigious career both at Arcade Film and independently, Kilian will be bringing us behind the scenes and share some tips and lessons he's learned from the worlds of directing and producing.

  • 9:15PM – 9:25PM

    Kilian Waters Q&A with Paul
    Paul Campbell and Kilian Waters
  • 9:25PM – 9:35PM

    Music from Aoife Scott
    Aoife Scott

    "Dublin Saunter" (written by Leo Maguire) & "Wondering Where the Lions Are" (written by Bruce Cockburn). Performed by Aoife, accompanied by Andy Meaney.

  • 10:00PM – 10:05PM

    Goodbye from Paul
    Paul Campbell


  • Paul Campbell

    Paul is co-founder and CEO of Tito, an online platform for selling tickets to events. Tito processes millions worth of ticket sales each week for hundreds of customers worldwide.

    Now Paul and the Tito team are building Vito, a new platform for live-streaming delightful events and growing your community online.

    Paul knows a thing or two about events, having also co-founded Úll and Funconf.

  • Kristen Bryant

    Kristen leads Wistia's partnership efforts. As part of that role she curates Wistia's slate of events and livestreams.

    Since joining Wistia in 2017, she's contributed to a variety of initiatives including the creation, execution and promotion of their long-form video series.

    Prior to Wistia, Kristen’s work experience included enriching student life in higher education, creating digital content in financial services, and building intuitive apps for businesses.

    She's a lover of sports, movies, and wine and an advocate for inclusive innovation.

  • Aoife Scott

    Following her highly celebrated debut album, Carry The Day, which was triumphantly launched at the Temple Bar Tradfest in 2016 to rapturous acclaim, Aoife Scott released her much anticipated second album “Homebird” in January at the Temple Bar Trad Festival 2020.

    Produced by 12 time Grammy Award winner, banjo and guitar virtuoso Ron Block (Alison Krauss & Union Station, & ‘Oh Brother Where art thou?'), this latest album was recorded in Nashville and Dublin.

    “HomeBird” is an impressive collaboration featuring the best of Irish folk musicians and Grammy award winning Bluegrass musicians Sierra Hull, Stuart Duncan and producer Ron Block. It is in many ways a turning point in her musical legacy.

  • Jan Blake

    Jan Blake is one of the leading storytellers, and has been performing worldwide for over thirty years.

    Specialising in stories from Africa and the Caribbean she has a well-earned reputation for dynamic and generous storytelling.

    Highlights include being resident storyteller at Hay Festival, curating Shakespeare’s Stories, and touring the award-winning The Old Woman, the Buffalo, and the Lion of Manding about the Malian hero king Sundiata Keita.

    She works with educators, with brands, and with organisations engaged in delivering social and environmental driven change.

  • Kilian Waters

    Kilian Waters is an award-winning filmmaker and video designer with over fifteen years' experience directing, shooting and editing across a wide range of projects.

    Over this time he has collaborated with many of Ireland's leading theatre companies and institutions while also creating stand-alone film, documentary and productions for gallery, stage and screen.

    He is a regular guest lecturer at the Lír Academy in Dublin and co-director of Arcade Film where he produces, shoots and edits a variety of films and documentaries.

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